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Common SEO Myths and Misconceptions

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. There are four main reasons for this:

First Only the engineers working on the search engines know exactly how their systems operate at a given moment. As an outsider, one has to figure out how they work with the help of one’s own research, experiments and even failures. Anyone who doesn’t do this – or who is simply new in this business – has to trust fundamentally unreliable information which may have been cycling for years trough the web.

Second SEO knowledge is changing rapidly because search engines develop their technology very fast. Moreover, what boosted your site’s ranking yesterday, has no effect today, and may well harm your search engine rankings tomorrow.

Third The technologies used to search and index the vast amount of data found on the web are highly complex and heavily reliant on mathematics. Those unfamiliar with computer science, its key concepts and its specific terminology may easily misunderstand important aspects.

Fourth Search engine rankings are of such economical importance, that many parties involved in this business deliberately spread misinformation. This includes the search engines themselves (for example Google’s Matt Cut) and some SEOs who try to protect their “secrets” or want to harm competitors.

Having worked in the field of Search-Engine Optimization for 13 years now, I have grown tired of the stream of useless junk and misinformation steadily coming from various forums, blogs and social networks. I therefore intend to provide some help to SEO newbies and web master trying to figure out what they should and shouldn’t do to better rank their sites on Google. In this series of articles, I will try to debunk some of the SEO myths most commonly encountered on the web.

This said, I am fully aware that nothing and no one is perfect. I certainly am not and the same goes for my knowledge. The following articles are based on my experiences with many different websites (my own and diverse clients from various industries) BUT still no website is equal and my be the reader my have contrary experiences. I am therefore interested in feedback and criticism of any sort! 😀