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The Silicon Valley is producing new job descriptions like nothing! But one is certainly missing. In this article I define a new job role which I call – Traffic Hacker – this is a definition of a technical online marketing specialist, needed for most commercial websites…

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In the last 10 Years I compiled a comprehensive list of more than 5 million unique User-Agents together with the date of their first occurrence. This list is probably the largest ever made available to the general public. In this FAQ I answer some of the most common questions on this highly specialized topic.

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When planning a Business-Intelligence strategy, most companies focus on technology: what database types to use, which ETL software, SAS suites, and cloud storage to set up. In the last 10 years, while working as a data driven SEO, I’ve seen many BI strategies fail and only…

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If you want to optimize the performance of your website it is essential to understand all the aspects aggregated in the diverse web analytic metrics. One of the most popular but usually misunderstood metrics is the Bounce Rate. Why care about your Bounce Rate? When measured…

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One of the standard tasks I needed often is “parsing URLs to its components”. Here you find my simple RegExp driven solution for this problem. advantages small & fast ready to use pure JS: uses only build in standard features it will work in more…

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